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BCN 2021 Awards: Canon slips
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BCN 2021 Awards: Canon slips

BCN is again, relevant

BCN has their annual rewards for the year 2020, called their 2021 awards.  BCN reports on over 50% of the sales receipts from Japan retailers.  This is a highly accurate look at the Japanese market but doesn't really reflect the rest of the world well.

After claiming the BCN #1 position for mirrorless cameras in Japan for two years in a row, Canon has slipped down to #2 for mirrorless with a 23.8% share, and Sony regains #1 spot with a 27.4% share.  Olympus takes #3, just below Canon, with a 23.4% share.  Canon dropped rather dramatically, from 30.9% to 23.8%.  Much of this is most likely due to the lack of direction on the EOS-M mount, which for the most part was driving Canon's mirrorless market share in Japan up to 2020.

Of course, this means, that BCN is now again relevant ;)

How this looks from 2012, is that for the most part Sony is very consistent, and Canon fell.

For DSLR's obviously Canon claims a dominant position here, but this now is simply for bragging rights, as the number of DSLR's shipped in Japan has dropped dramatically.  In this Canon claims the #1 spot with a 51.9% share, and Nikon takes 2nd with a 44.8% share and Pentax (Ricoh Imaging) hangs in there with a 3% share. While this sounds good, it also spells some bad news for Canon as they dropped from 56.3% the year prior.  This could be because of the R5 and R6 release this year, as stopped people from purchasing more Canon DSLRs.

Read more of the BCN's data here

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