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BCN Awards for 2019: Canon sweeps the camera awards
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BCN Awards for 2019: Canon sweeps the camera awards

The BCN 2020 awards are out (the 2020 awards are for the year 2019) and Canon has swept the camera awards being number 1 in Japan for Interchangeable DSLR, Interchangeable Mirrorless and Compact Cameras.

BCN collects sales data from over 60% of all retailers in Japan.  It's a highly accurate look at one of the most important sements for the Japan Camera companies.  It's bragging rights because it's the domestic market, and it also because of reduced distribution costs most likely has the highest margins.  Given comments by Canon over the years, they consider this very important to the company.  

While you can get out the broom for Canon, the big surprise for me in all this data was interchangeable lenses, and Sony making it to #2 in interchangeable lenses.

The actual rankings are:

DSLR Cameras

  • Canon 56.3%
  • Nikon 41.1%
  • Ricoh 2.4%

Mirrorless Cameras

  • Canon 30.9%
  • Sony 25.9%
  • Olympus 23.4%

Compact Cameras

  • Canon 39.3%
  • Nikon 22.9%
  • Sony 15.2%

Interchangeable Lenses

  • Canon 19.9%
  • Sony 16.9%
  • Nikon 14.4%

So how does this all look over time? Glad you asked.  Here are some pretty charts that show how the various companies have done over time.

We have estimated Sony's marketshare for DSLR's in this graph, because there is really only 4 companies making DSLR's; Canon, Nikon, Pentax (Ricoh), and Sony. It's also why the graph goes to 100%.  As you can see, Canon has dominated DSLR sales for a while now, however, their market share has been slowly declining over the last 3 years from their peak in 2016. 

The mirrorless graph as you notice does not go all way to 100%.  The amount remaining is the amount that is taken up by Panasonic, Nikon, Fujifilm and other mirrorless manufacturers that do not make the top 3. Unlike DSLR's there's a lot more competition in this segment.  Interestingly, last year the 3 top dominated the market, more than any recorded year that we have back to 2012.

Canon had quickly become a force in the Japan market for mirrorless with the release of the EOS M50 and have rested their laurels on that camera. Competition in the M50 arena is increasing from by Sony and also Fujifilm.  I think this year we'll see some serious cameras from Canon.  They not only want to be #1 in camera segments, they expect to be. 

Check out all the awards here


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