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BCN March Monthy top 50 released for Japan sales | Canon News
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BCN March Monthy top 50 released for Japan sales
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BCN March Monthy top 50 released for Japan sales

BCN released their March monthly sales statistics for Japan today.  If you don't know who BCN is, they are one of the largest sales data companies in Japan, totaling over 50% of all Japan sales receipts.  In other words, the data we get from them is a highly accurate look at the Japan camera market.

In what seems to be a recording, the M50 once again tops the mirrorless category taking positions 3 and 4.  The new Sony A6400 made a strong push in its first month of sales reaching position 7.

Canon overall did pretty well, taking the top 4 sales positions for the month and 5 out of the top 10.

Where Canon didn't fare as well is with mirrorless full frame, with the EOS R placing in position 34 and the EOS RP nowhere to be found in the top 50.  But to be fair neither the Nikon Z6 or the Nikon Z7 have ever placed in the top 50 in Japan.

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