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BCN Monthly Report for December: EOS R and EOS M continue to sell well
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BCN Monthly Report for December: EOS R and EOS M continue to sell well

BCN released their montly report for December today, and the EOS R and M still continue to sell well.

The M50 continues it's mirrorless dominance of Japan, holding down spots 3 and 4 overall.  It's surprising just how strong sales have been for this little camera, and has certainly been a gem for Canon, at least domestically.

The EOS R still continues to sell well, and surprisingly well ahead of any Nikon Z6 camera.  There was only one Nikon entry for mirrorless in the top 50, and that was placed at position 39, while the EOS R placed at position 13.  Sony still continues to sell well, as it should being the more complete system right now with the A7 III cracking the top 10 at position 10.

I'm sure some will look at this as a failure of Canon, unable to unseat Sony.  However, there are things to note here in Sony's favour; they have the more complete system to date, and they have an actual installed base of FE or E mount users that can upgrade to the A7 III.  The EOS R and as well, the Nikon Z system are starting for literal scratch and asking users to buy into a pretty green system.

BCN releases their annual report in the middle of the month, and Canon's annual financials are due out later this month, it will be interesting to see what both Canon and BCN say about what happened in mirrorless for 2018 in Japan.

For those unaware, BCN is a major sales reporting agency in Japan, they tally up more than half of all sales receipts for cameras, and other goods and report on the sales results.  It's a highly accurate look at the Japan marketplace, and one of the only views we have of any market in the world.


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