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BCN Ranking Details on full frame mirrorless | Canon News
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BCN Ranking Details on full frame mirrorless
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BCN Ranking Details on full frame mirrorless

BCN also this month did a report on the state of full frame mirrorless in Japan.

Since the late rumors and announcements of Nkon and Canon mirrorless products, Sony who had a near 100% market share has plummeted to 67% in the last three months reported (August through October).  That is without all of Nikon camera bodies released (Z6 wasn't out during that time) and Canon had barely started shipping the EOS R in October.

BCN quotes that Canon gained top spot for the entire month of October in about a week of shipping.  This combined with Canon's strong showing for APS-C mirrorless must have more than a few people concerned.

Sony still holds a commanding 67% marketshare, however, it's pretty safe to say that Canon and Nikon are going to be dramatic inroads into that marketshare.  Fast.

BCN collects sales data from over 50% of all the retailers in Japan.

You can read the entire report here

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