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byThom's article on Canon versus Nikon Lens Production | Canon News
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byThom's article on Canon versus Nikon Lens Production
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byThom's article on Canon versus Nikon Lens Production

An article about canon versus nikon's lens production, since both canon and nikon announce when they hit milestones, this is chartable, as Thom as done:

As we can see with the chart (keep in mind that the scales are different) that canon's growth has certainly exceeded that of Nikon over the last 6-7 years.

Overlapped this shows up better:


If you are curious on the raw data:

Canon Million of Lenses   Nikon Million of Lenses
29-Jan-10 50   9-Nov-09 45
7-Feb-11 60   8-Apr-11 60
18-Oct-11 70   14-Jun-12 70
21-Aug-12 80   13-Jun-13 80
29-May-13 90   16-Jan-14 85
1-May-14 100   4-Nov-14 90
13-Jul-15 110   29-Jul-15 95
9-Sep-16 120   27-Jul-16 100
17-Oct-17 130      

As Thom suggests;

These two charts say everything: Canon's position in lenses is stronger than Nikon's. Not by a huge amount, but by enough to clearly identify the market leader, and to suggest that the market leader is not diminishing in strength.

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