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Canon announcement tonight | Canon News
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Canon announcement tonight
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Canon announcement tonight

Canon is expected to announce the EOS R and related lenses as well as the EF-M lens, and two super telephotos.

The time will be sometime between 12EST to 3AM EST. Canon usually announces around midnight EST, however, latest rumors suggest a 3AM announcement.  The date is September 5th, but remember, that September 5th date is based upon Asia time.  It's 12-13 hours ahead of EST.  In other words, it's already the 5th in Asia.

Also preorders for the EOS R and related lenses is not supposed to happen until sometime next week.  No mention on when the preorders will open for the EF-M 32 or the supertelephotos.

We'll be drinking alot of coffee and bringing it to you as soon as we hear about the details.


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