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Canon applies for WiFi certification for a number of cameras
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Canon applies for WiFi certification for a number of cameras

Nokishita Camera today released a slew of information that was obtained from wifi test data for some upcoming cameras coming out for Canon.

The details are pretty vague at this time, as is the time frame, as Nokshita notes, this could be far looking data, out up to TWO years.  This doesn't mean we're looking until 2021 before mirrorless full frame is released, just that unlike the certification authority leaks with model numbers and usually assembled kit packages, this is more in advance.

Some are getting rather breathless about this; but this also may point to bodies down the road from an initial release.

  • K424
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Full size
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless image size (6720 × 4480) in the test data (since the detail column is filled with almost the same data as 5D Mark IV [K349], the image size may be a dummy possibility)
  • K433
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless full size in the test data (it is the same as the data of K424, so it is possible that the initial setting data was diverted for testing)

These two cameras are suggesting that 30MP test mirrorless cameras were submitted for Wifi connection tests.  These may or may not be actual cameras that even hit the shelves, however, it's further proof that Canon is actively testing and readying full frame mirrorless camera(s).  If you ever had doubts that Canon was testing these cameras, you shouldn't have them now.

A bunch of other cameras also hit the WiFi certification;

  • K437
    • Lens interchangeable camera (probably single lens reflex)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

This could point to the 7D Mark III or a 90D camera, it's nearly impossible to guess at this point in time.

There is also a bunch of compacts and what appears to be an APS-C Mirrorless.  The M5 is certainly nearing replacement after the M50 was released, however, given the fact that this is in the future data that could be a year or more away, it's unknown any of these models could  be current model replacement cameras.

  • EC801
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • EC804
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • More functions than EC 801 and EC 805 (probably G series)
  • EC 805
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • EC 811
    • Mirror-less camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed


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