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Canon continues to work on organic sensors | Canon News
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Canon continues to work on organic sensors
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Canon continues to work on organic sensors

Organic sensors are probably the "next big thing" to hit semiconductor sensors.  Basically instead of using a photodiode to collect light, they use an organic compound to convert light to energy.

Since this can be applied as a thin film (or films) the sensor itself can be made very efficient, surpassing today's best sensors as far as performance.  Panasonic and Fuji in a joint venture are also looking at organic sensors.

From all of Canon's organic sensor patents, this is the first one that actually shows anything that looks like an image sensor in the diagrams, maybe a sign that they are getting further ahead in the process.

This patent deals with a high conversion efficiency and a wide absorbion wavelenght (necessary to convert the full spectrum of light).

Wether or not this will make it into an actual sensor is anyone's guess - these could be years and years away from an actual camera.  However it shows what Canon is thinking about for the future of image sensors.

Japan Patent Application 2018-002690


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