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Canon EOS R banding issue - an update

We reported a week ago that it appears like firmware 1.2 resolved some low light banding issues with the EOS R, and Michael the Maven has done a followup test to see if this was the case.

Ladies and Gentlemen! WE HAVE DONE IT!! Thank you so much to the many of you who gave feedback, shared my videos, posted in forums and relayed information you received from Canon, I can confirm that Firmware update 1.2.0 resolves the banding issue I reported back in November on the Canon EOS R!

I received a lot unfounded criticism from those who didn't understand the issue, but we stood by the results we were seeing, that it was a real issue, and now Canon has quietly released a firmware issue that resolves it! WELL DONE EVERYONE! This is how powerful social media can be when we work together! If you are an EOS R owner, I would strongly suggest you update to 1.2.0 and reap the benefits of improved sensor performance!

Given all the other tests we've found about this issue, it certainly feels like firmware 1.2 is a must upgrade for any EOS R user.

Keep in mind that these banding artifacts were discovered only at the most extreme of circumstances.

Download firmware 1.2 from here if you have not already done so.

The other things that firmware 1.2 fixes and enhances are;

Firmware Version 1.2.0 incorporates the following fixes and enhancements: 
Eye-detection AF 
1. Supports Servo AF when shooting still images.
2. Now available when shooting movies regardless of "Movie Servo AF" setting.
Small AF Frame Size
Supports Servo AF when shooting still images.
3. Now available when shooting movies regardless of "Movie Servo AF" setting.
4. Under certain conditions the electronic level displayed in the electronic viewfinder did not display properly.
5. Under certain conditions information displayed in the electronic viewfinder was not properly rotated.
6. Under certain conditions updating the firmware for the wireless file transmitter WFT-E7 was not possible.

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