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Canon EOS R3, 16mm F2.8, 100-400mm, and lots of goodies are releasing shortly
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Canon EOS R3, 16mm F2.8, 100-400mm, and lots of goodies are releasing shortly

According to Nokishita, Canon has officially added the R3 and a bunch of other stuff to their product catalog. This usually means that the announcement is coming in the coming days.  There are rumors that it's coming on September 14, but usually, when it appears on the product list, it isn't announced 2 weeks later.

What else is coming? The 16mm F2.8 and Canon RF 100-400mm are coming, and we have a few more details about those, gleaned from their accessories.

The RF 16mm F2.8 has a hood of EW-65C and a cap named E-43. That usually means that the filter ring has a diameter of 43mm, the same as the lens cap.  This makes it pretty much a given that it's a pancake, as the optics have to be quite small, which would be the classic pancake lens design. You can also get a lens pouch for it too, LP1014.

The RF 100-400mm has a cap of E-67II (which means the filter ring diameter 67mm) and a pouch of LP1224.  With a 67mm filter ring, and 400mm, I'm going to guess that it is at least F6.3 on the long end.

Now to the fun stuff, we play guess the accessory for the EOS R3, according to Nokishita there's a bunch; ST-E10, AD-E1, DM-E1D, ER-L1, ER-HE, ER-H.  ST-E10 is the easy one, that sounds like a new speedlite transmitter for the newfangled accessory shoe, which probably doesn't require any batteries since the accessory shoe provides power to devices.  That would be quite handy, but very non-portable if you have other canon cameras.  Perhaps it supports both batteries and is also powered via accessory shoe - we can hope so right?

The other accessories, I really don't have an idea but I'll be curious to hear everyone else's guesses.  Winner's get .. well nothing other than bragging rights :)

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