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Canon EOS RP to have 4K video - UPDATED | Canon News
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Canon EOS RP to have 4K video - UPDATED
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Canon EOS RP to have 4K video - UPDATED

Additional specifications have leaked about the EOS RP, and those that worried that it would be a copy of the 6D Mark II, including only 1080p can breathe a sigh of relief.  The EOS RP will have some form of 4K, if we had to guess, a 1.6 crop similar to that of the EOS R.  Expect more consumer bitrates as well than the EOS R.  While no bitrate or bit depth specifications have appeared, it's been noted that 25p or 24p are available.

An additional image of the side view of the RP also shows that headphone and microphone jacks are included with the EOS RP.  Combined with a fully articulating screen, touchscreen and dual pixel AF, this just may be the vlogging camera to get.


I notice some stating that the EOS RP having 4K means that it's not the same sensor as the 6D Mark II.  It's still very probable that the sensor is indeed the one from the 6D Mark II, just with a slightly different "tweaking" for microlenses, etc.  Stating that 4K proves it's not the 6D Mark II sensor and getting people's hopes up, is in my opinion, irresponsible.

A strong argument can be made that the reason the 6D Mark II didn't have 4K had nothing to do with the sensor, but everything to do with the fact that DIGIC 8 was not yet released by Canon.  DIGIC 8 provided the 4K h.264 encoders necessary to take the data off the sensor and to convert that to video.  WIthout DIGIC 8, Canon was limited to 4K using MJPEG codec.  It makes more sense that the reason the 6D Mark II didn't have 4K was the fact that it couldn't support the higher bitrates of the 5D Mark IV and 1DX Mark II that MJPEG codec demands and the fact that MJPEG isn't a consumer-friendly codec.  That makes far more logical sense than some mysterious reason that the core sensor itself couldn't support reading 4K off the center portion of the sensor. 

It's our sincere hope that it is indeed a new sensor than the 6D Mark II, as it was panned pretty well across the internet as being "not good enough".  If this is indeed a $1299 or $1399 camera, the lowest price ever for a newly announced full frame camera, then the sensor cost plays an important factor in the overall cost of the camera.  It may be that Canon has to put in the cheapest sensor they can make, even though it's not as good for enthusiasts as the 5D Mark IV or EOS R styled sensors are that have a much higher dynamic range at base ISO.

No matter what - we will find out in less than 24 hours from now, as Canon is poised to release the EOS RP.


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