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Canon Interview with DPReview
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Canon Interview with DPReview

DPReview sat down (via email - thank you COVID) with Canon CEO of Image COmmunciation Business Operations, Mr Tokura, and did a pretty comprehensive interview.

As with most Canon executive interviews, they are limited to what they can say about future products and that includes the EOS-R3. Hopefully we'll have a lot more information tomorrow about the EOS-R3.

I was curious and happy to see some answers on a few questions that DPReview asked (thanks guys!);

  1. The R3 is not a "1" model according to Mr Tokura.  They haven't done what they feel is a 1 series camera yet for the RF mount.  In other words, it's still coming.
  2. The RF 600mm and 800mm F11 lenses are not the only ones coming. There are more lenses like this coming.  Confirmed bluntly by Mr Tokura in a surprising statement.  Usually, Canon is not this clear about its direction.  "Absolutely. Please look forward to similar products in the future." is as clear as it gets.
  3. Mr Tokura totally ducked the question on noise reduction being applied (baked into) RAW files for the R5 and R6.  Not surprising, but would have been curious to see a better answer there.
  4. Canon R5 and R6 sales exceeded Canon's expectations.
  5. Canon still sees a need for entry level 'Rebel" cameras. Canon is vague on plans for APS-C RF cameras.  Keep in mind that saying entry-level and Rebel does not necessarily mean APS-C.
  6. Mr Tokura seems to state that they will continue to promote EOS-M as a platform. (not dead yet)
  7. The concept cameras PowerShot Zoom, Pick, Ivy Rec were all well received.  Canon is going to continue to toss ideas out there.
  8. Canon sees the future having 5G, AI and VR/AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality) as important facets going forward for photography and Canon

Read the full interview here at dpreview.

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