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Canon L Lenses: Robots to Hand Polishing | Canon News
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Canon L Lenses: Robots to Hand Polishing
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Canon L Lenses: Robots to Hand Polishing

Canon Europe just posted an interesting little article on 10 points about Canon's Utsunomiya lens factory in Japan.

It's an interesting look into a very complex and exacting process to bring great lenses to the buying public.

The points covered in this article are;

  • Japanese engineering is everywhere
  • Lens experts can hear faults
  • Lens polishing tools are made with diamonds
  • Aspherical lenses are made by melting glass
  • Sci-fi robots roam the factory
  • Lens polishing machines self-correct
  • Lens measurements are incredibly precise
  • The hardest lens to make is…
  • The innovation never ends
  • Canon lenses could (probably) cover half the world

Please take a look at this article here..

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