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Canon looking to improve computational photography with DPRAW | Canon News
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Canon looking to improve computational photography with DPRAW
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Canon looking to improve computational photography with DPRAW

As we brought up yesterday, Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) images contain parallax error - they must because that's the nature of the dual pixel arrangement is to detect out of focus areas. 

It seems that Canon has the same ideas, as they are investigating correcting the parallax error in post processing.

This would only be necessary if they are looking to improve the dynamic range response or combining two halves of the image computationally.  This by nature of how the halves of the pixels are summed together happens naturally for normal images, but does not for dual pixel RAW file formats, where Canon outputs the one half of the pixel, and the full pixel output.  Different things can be done to the image such as adjust the bokeh and AF fine point adjustment and now it looks like Canon is trying to do other things with the data.

Also of interest is the fact this this patent application also describes a quad pixel arrangement.

This in an intensely detailed patent application that will interest some for sure.

US Patent Application 20180041744

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