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Canon M50 continues to rule the Japan mirrorless world
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Canon M50 continues to rule the Japan mirrorless world

BCN Retail released a summary report on the state of mirrorless for the month of May.  BCN Retail is a large market research company in Japan that collects around 50% of all sales receipts from Japan retailers. It's a highly accurate look into the Japanese marketplace.

Canon holds 2 out of the top 3 positions with the M50 (called the Kiss M in Japan) and the M100 camera.

The Kiss M has been a best seller for Canon in the mirrorless market, and even sells quite well against the DSLR lineup.  It's one of the main reasons I can't see Canon moving away from the EOS-M lineup anytime soon, as it continues to be a sales success 17 months after release.  The Kiss M captured 20.5% of the mirrorless Japan market, making it by far the leading seller in Japan.

For instance, we see that Sony's new A6400 is selling at 11.5% in position #2.  Canon right now is making more in terms of sales dollars off the Kiss M than Sony is right now off the A6400, a camera that Sony most likely developed to take back the APS-C mirrorless market segment.

Of course, all is not so well when we discuss full frame, as the A7 III is still the only full frame mirrorless camera to crack the top 10, sitting at position 7 with 4.6% with no EOS R or EOS RP in sight.

Kiss M 20.5%
A6400 11.5%
M100 7.8%
PEN E-PL9 6.8%
PEN E-PL8 6.4%
E-M10 II 5.2%
A7 III 4.6%
A6000 4.1%
GF9 2.6%
E-M5 II 2.3%

Overall the top 10 mirrorless cameras accounted for 71.5% of the market.

Much is made over the sales of the full frame mirrorless cameras, but here we can show just how relatively insignificant those sales are, just against the top 10 mirrorless.  While we don't yet have CIPA's May numbers we can assume they will be somewhere around the number of same shipments as of April.  Usually, May has fewer shipments than April, so if anything this is an overly optimistic forecast.

The total number of mirrorless cameras shipped to Japan in April was 53,622.  From this, and the 4.6% number from the A7 III market share we can then project that the A7 III probably had shipped and thus around that number sold, 2500 cameras for the month of May, a pretty insignificant amount when we look at the mirrorless market in Japan at as a whole.

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