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Canon Patent Application: 500 and 600mm Diffractive Optics | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: 500 and 600mm Diffractive Optics
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Canon Patent Application: 500 and 600mm Diffractive Optics

Welcome to the last installment of CanonNew's journey through Canon's patent applications, it's been a fun year as we uncovered many never seen before patents for you to read about.

This patent application is a yet-another-diffractive-optics patent application, this one featuring 500mm and 600mm lenses.

I find this patent application especially interesting because it shows some of the improvements that Canon has made on their latest round of super telephotos, mainly moving the elements more to the back of the lens to improve the weight balance and reduce the overall weight.  It could mean that it has more of a possiblity of being an actual patent application that gets developed into real products, because we do know that Canon is doing just this with their telephoto lenses.

US Patent Application 20180373004


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