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Canon Patent Application: A Canon RF superzoom | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: A Canon RF superzoom
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Canon Patent Application: A Canon RF superzoom

This is a curious lens patent, while it certainly appears to be an RF lens, it's an RF lens that requires in-camera RAW manipulation at the wide end because the image circle is not big enough.  It could also be these are for more consumer CINI lenses where super-35 is "big enough", as the patent application also indicates an image that appears like a video camera.  However, 21.61 is much larger than the aytpical CINI lens as well.

Here are the embodiments;

Focal Length   25.20   125.05    294.41
F-Number        3.50     4.97       5.6
Image Height   18.80    21.61     21.61
BF             21.75    21.75     21.75

Focal Length   29.22   203.97    350.06
F-Number        2.8      4.36      4.50 
Image Height   18.36    21.61     21.61
BF             22.42    22.42     22.42

Also, there's an EF lens included in this patent application;

Focal Length   35.13   160.38    386.45
F-Number        4.50     5.27      5.60
Image Height   20.53    21.61     21.61
BF             54.68    54.68     54.68


US Patent Application 20180292627

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