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Canon Patent Application: Backside illuminated sensor method of manufacturing
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Canon Patent Application: Backside illuminated sensor method of manufacturing

Even though this patent does not specify exactly that it's a backside illuminated sensor, the cross-sectional diagram is of a backside illuminated sensor (BSI sensor).

With a BSI sensor, because all the wiring is "underneath" the light gathering pixel and not in between each pixel, you end up increasing the efficiency of the sensor, which amounts to an increase of dynamic range and a lowering of noise.

This patent application describes how Canon would actually manufacturer a sensor of this type, showing diagrams at each step of the creation process.

As with all patent applications, this is something that Canon is researching, it does not mean that they will ever use it in an actual product.  However, BSI sensors are a competitive advantage that Sony has right now, and I'm sure Canon wants to close the gap.

US Patent Application 20180301483

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