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Canon Patent Application: Canon 16-130mm and EF-M superzoom | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Canon 16-130mm and EF-M superzoom
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Canon Patent Application: Canon 16-130mm and EF-M superzoom

Canon has applied for a multiple lens patent.  with the first embodiment mentioned here, with careful inspection, software manipulation is required at the wide end to fill the frame (note the image height of 13mm for the wide end).  This characteristically is usually done on powershot cameras more than ILC camera lenses, at least in Canon's ecosystem. 


Focal Length   15.51  45.00  130.98
F-Number        3.68   5.03    6.50
Image Height   13.00  13.66   13.66
BF             12.76  23.92   35.17


There is a couple of non-powershot, and more apt to be a EF-M lens specification as well.  However, one of the embodiments for an 18-130 lens is unlikely given the great 18-150 that already exists for the EOS M.  However an 18-200 superzoom may be something the EOS M line adds over time.

Focal Length   18.52  49.19  130.97
F-Number        3.40   4.74    5.88
Image Height   13.66  13.66   13.66
BF             10.93  25.03   37.77

Focal Length   18.5  59.64   193.98
F-Number        3.73  5.46     6.50
Image Height   13.66  13.66   13.66
BF             13.43  31.04   44.18

US Patent Application 20180284406

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