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Canon Patent Application: Canon EF 10mm 2.8 | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Canon EF 10mm 2.8
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Canon Patent Application: Canon EF 10mm 2.8

This patent application is really focused on the Canon EF 11-24mm, however there was another embodiment that may sometime make it as a lens.

With a back focus of 38mm, this lens is most certainly an EF lens, and the embodiment in question is:

Focal length: 10.30 mm
F number: 2.88
Half angle of view: 64.54
Image height: 21.64 mm
Lens length: 124.58 mm
Back focus: 38.00 mm

However since the actual patent itself discusses a zoom lens, this sounds like something Canon added into the application as a complete afterthought. 

Japan Patent Application 2019-040219,

via hi-lows-note

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