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Canon Patent Application: Canon mentions an 83MP sensor - UPDATE
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Canon Patent Application: Canon mentions an 83MP sensor - UPDATE

In a patent application detailing improving focus accuracy based upon different subject color, we have a description of two sensors; 

  • 20.75 MP sensor of 5575 x 3725 pixels in size
  • 83.06MP sensor of 11150 x 7450 pixels in size

Now, this could be simply descriptive text by Canon, however, I can't recall seeing specific sensor sizes and pixels mentioned in patent applications.  Of note, of course, is the 83MP sensor.

large number of pixels of 4 columns × 4 rows (8 columns × 8 rows of focus detection pixels) shown in FIG . 2 are arranged on the surface to enable acquisition of a captured image (focus detection signal). In the first embodiment, the period P is 4 [mu] m, the number of pixels N in the lateral 5575 columns × vertical 3725 lines of pixels = about 20.75 million pixels, the column period P of the focus detection pixels AF is 2 [mu] m, the focus detection pixel number N AF lateral The description will be made assuming that the imaging device has 11150 columns × vertical 7450 rows = approximately 83.06 million pixels.

Could this be the size of the new sensor for the high MP version of the EOS R?

The rest of the patent application is highly technical and goes into the means and methods that Canon uses to autofocus using DPAF sensors.


We see this article being copied around the Internet (cool, thanks for the links).  To clarify some points that are being made;

  1. While some may mention this is simply "scaling" from APS-C to full frame, it's not that easy.  Canon uses two different fabrication design rules for APS-C and another for full frame in their current generations.  The fact that Canon is certainly looking into high 80 MP sensors, could mean that they have optimized their 300nm designs enough, or they have decided to again, move to update their fabrication equipment again.
  2. This patent application is NOTHING to do with Quad Pixel AF technology, Canon has looked at that in the past, and also some other novel approaches, but this is simply dealing with Dual Pixel (splitting the pixel in half) AF sensor, not only that, but Quad Pixel AF sensors, wouldn't change the resolution.  They are simply splitting the pixel into 4 separate photo diodes instead of the 2 in Dual Pixel AF.

Canon Patent Application 2019-149607

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