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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 100-600 and RF 100-700mm
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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 100-600 and RF 100-700mm

This next patent application describes what probably is a competing lens to the Canon RF 100-500mm L lens.  This patent application deals with a Canon RF 100-600mm Lens and Canon RF 100-700mm lens.  Would this be developed now that the 100-500 is coming out? It's really hard to say - is there enough of a market for both?

At the very least, this certainly suggests that Canon did look at developing longer lenses for the RF mount back in 2018.

Why didn't they do that instead of the 100-500? There could be many reasons.  Size, weight, cost and optical quality are all governing factors to a decision to develop a lens.  It could also be that Canon is looking at doing a non-L lens, and one of these designs may be used for it.

focal length        103.00  248.50 600.00  
F-number              4.60    5.85   6.80  
Half angle of view   11.86    4.98   2.07  
Image height         21.64   21.64  21.64  
total lens length   241.66  305.61 331.66  
BF                   17.57   37.01  97.33  
focal length        123.00  293.00 700.00  
F number              4.60    5.85   8.00  
Half angle of view    9.98    4.22   1.77  
Image height         21.64   21.64  21.64  
Total lens length   246.28  322.64 370.48  
BF                   14.01   44.69 107.78 

Japan Patent Application 2020-086355

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