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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 80mm F2.8 Macro
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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 80mm F2.8 Macro

There's a patent out there for a 1:1 Macro of a focal length of 80mm. 

This patent is intriguing because it discusses floating elements that can be used for image stabilization as the magnification increases past .5x

Of course, Canon has already implement stabilization systems that work well with macro - Canon calls that "HIS" or hybrid image stabilization. I assume this is another type of stabilization.  Generally, normal image stabilization works for lenses that don't have a high magnification.  Canon has been better than most at this in the past and looks to make it even better.

A macro lens is known as a lens that allows close-up photography. Since macro lenses are required to have high optical performance even when shooting short-distance objects with a shooting magnification of 0.5 times or more, aberration fluctuations can be prevented by adopting a floating method that moves multiple lens groups during focusing. Often reduced.  Further , in a macro lens, in order to secure a deep depth of field, the aperture diameter of the aperture diaphragm is often reduced for shooting. As a result, the shutter speed becomes slower, so that it is easily affected by vibrations such as camera shake, and the image quality of the captured image tends to deteriorate.

The main purpose of this patent application is to downsize the lens barrel and maintain excellent image stabilization even at close focus (high magnification).  What's interesting to me is where the stabilization occurs.  It's in nearly the first optical grouping at the front of the lens around the 4-5th element (note the up/down arrows), versus the more traditional middle portion of the lens.

Canon's goals with this patent;

According to the present invention, it is advantageous for downsizing of the lens barrel, to obtain an optical system and an image pickup apparatus capable of excellent image blur correction in all the focus range even close shooting be able to.

Thanks to CanonRumors for spotting this, as I first looked at this patent and went "Meh" 80mm F2.8 prime.

Japan Patent Application 2020-181169

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