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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF Lenses
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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF Lenses

Canon has been applying for many patents on the RF system - which makes sense, they were starting from scratch and making an entirely new system.  They probably threw every engineer they had into the process.  A lot of designs probably won't ever get developed, but some may be the basis of lenses we see in the future.  A really necessary element of Canon RF lenses, that hasn't yet appeared is macro photography lenses.

This patent application deals with high-speed focusing and keeping the aberrations low.  In it, details several intriguing macro lenses some of them we have similar models on the EF mount.  I do believe these are 1:1 macros, I think that's what β = -1.0 is, but if someone can confirm that, I'd be more than happy. ;)

Canon RF 100mm F2.8 Macro

Focal length    97.62
F number         2.92
angle of view   12.50
Image height    21.64
lens length    123.21
BF              18.86

Canon RF 90mm F2.8 Macro

Focal length    87.04
F number         2.92
angle of view   13.96
Image height    21.64
lens length    135.86
BF              19.58

Canon RF 180mm F2.8 Macro

focal length   189.96
F number         2.92
angle of view    6.50
Image height    21.64
lens length    185.34
BF              23.95

Canon RF 65mm F2.8

Focal length    65.13
F number         2.92
angle of view   18.38
Image height    21.64
lens length    135.78
BF              21.40

Japan Patent Application 2020-060661

Japan Patent Application 2020-060660 from Canon seems to be more of the same, with various designs of lenses that are high in magnification (β > -.50).  The designs in this patent application, seem to fixate more around a 100mm focal length with designs such as this;

focal length   95.36
F number        2.92
angle of view  12.78
Image height   21.64
total length  125.16
BF             15.84



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