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Canon Patent Application: Control switch to improve camera ISO/Av/Tv Changes | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Control switch to improve camera ISO/Av/Tv Changes
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Canon Patent Application: Control switch to improve camera ISO/Av/Tv Changes

This patent application is a little use of a little joystick that if you press in a direction, the it will adjust aperture, if you move the joystick in another direction, it will control shutter speed, and if you move it in a third direction it changes ISO, all this is controlled by the joystick as well as what mode you are in Av,TV, or M.

This would actually be quite handy, and a very fluid way of adjusting all three commonly changed manual control values in a small camera that could not support three or two separate wheels, or even in the case of Canon's DSLR, the second control wheel at the back of the camera, is difficult to get to without moving your hand from the grip.  having one joystick to manipulate all three values depending upon mode and having the Joystick also choose what mode you are in could be a definite timesaver.

In the conventional camera, it generally opts for exposure from three exposure parameters of shutter speed / f-stop / ISO speed. Multiple types of exposure mode exist arbitrarily with the combination of the parameter which can be set, and the parameter decided automatically. For example, a user sets a part of exposure parameter arbitrarily, and there is full automatic mode which determines automatically an exposure condition with optimal manual mode and camera with which a user can choose arbitrarily all the exposure parameters besides the mode in which a camera determines the remaining parameters automatically. Those exposure modes are set up with operation members, such as a mode dial.

Setting out of the exposure parameter in each exposure mode is performed by operation members which perform a setting input by the rotation or pressing operation provided separately from operation members, such as a mode dial which sets up exposure mode, such as a dial and a pushing button. Here, the way displacement of a 2-way carries out the setting input of shutter speed and the f-stop simultaneously using a detectable operation member, for example, a trackball, as a method of improving the operability of an exposure parameter is proposed 

Japan Patent Application 2018-113533


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