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Canon Patent Application: Defocus Smoothing EF Primes | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Defocus Smoothing EF Primes
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Canon Patent Application: Defocus Smoothing EF Primes

During the Canon interviews with Imaging-Resource Canon discussed how they created the 85mm 1.2 DS lens where instead of an actual element, they use a specific coating on an element to form the apodization.

Yes. It uses basically the same technology as apodization. There are several manufacturers that have apodization lenses, but our approach to apodization is slightly different. What we do is we use coating technology to make the apodization.

This patent application shows us lenses with this apodization for a variety of different lenses, interestingly enough they don't look like RF lenses.  They have an incredibly large back focus (39.70mm).  Either these are old designs or something with apodization forces Canon from using a larger, closer to the sensor element.  So while these could be for the RF mount, we really can't say if they are solely for the RF mount or EF and RF lenses.  The large back focus 28mm is certainly an EF lens.

Our degree of confidence that these are RF lenses are extremely low.

Canon RF/EF 34mm 1.4
Canon EF 28mm 2.8
Canon RF/EF 85mm 1.2

US Patent Application 20190064472

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