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Canon Patent Application: Detailed IBIS + IS patent
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Canon Patent Application: Detailed IBIS + IS patent

We've seen quite a few patents dealing with various elements of IBIS + IS (In body image stabilization) + (lens image stabilization). This is when both image stabilization systems work together to provide even greater image stabilization.

However, this is one of the most interesting because it lays out how the camera and lens will work together to image stabilize, especially, in the case, of this patent, when upper boundaries of stabilization are reached on either the lens or the camera unit.

Also unlike other IBIS + IS patents that we've seen this one goes out of its way to minimize the data traffic between the lens and the camera.  The EF mount while amazing for its time, has a slow data transfer rate between the camera and the lens.  With other IBIS patents in the past, the amount of data handshaking between the camera and the lens was significant, leading us to believe this was RF mount only solution.

It would still be unknown of EF lenses have the built-in capability for IBIS + IS, but it's conceivable that with a firmware upgrade to the lens, that EF lenses may be possible to use this form of IBIS + IS, and could be one of the reasons Canon decided to investigate this via a patent.  As Canon states;

The present invention provides a lens apparatus, a camera, a control method, and a storage medium, each of which can suppress a traffic increase between a camera and an interchangeable lens and stabilize an image by moving a correction lens and an image sensor without unnaturally changing an angle of view.

US Patent Application 20190289216

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