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Canon Patent Application: Futher information on Canon's miniature 100-400 | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Futher information on Canon's miniature 100-400
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Canon Patent Application: Futher information on Canon's miniature 100-400

We have seen pictures of Canon's new prototype of a smartphone add on camera with an astonding 100-400mm lens that can fit into your pocket.

This patent application goes further into some of the design of this camera, and also what appears to be snap on lenses that can be switched to from the main camera body. 

The main gist of the patent application is coming up with a good detection system if there is too much camera shake for image stabilization to compensate for, so the "lens" portion of the unit has to notify the camera portion about its focal length so that calculations can occur to determine if there is too much shake happening for clear photos.  While this is automatic for our DSLR"s, it's less automatic for units such as this.

Canon then goes on to show two different devices, one on which we are familiar with, and one which appears to be a very wide angle version of the it.

What's also interesting is that for the 100-400mm unit, the lens itself seems switchable.  Canon could make various other focal lengths for this tiny little unit.

Patent Application 20190208134

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