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Canon Patent Application: IBIS Mentioned
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Canon Patent Application: IBIS Mentioned

This is a detailed patent from Canon that in one of the embodiments describes IBIS (in body image stabilization). 

This patent application attempts to remove backlash from the ultrasonic motors in either an in body stabilization system, or an in lens stabilized system without increasing their size.  The IBIS patent that they reference in this patent application is an Olympus patent application 2008-220031.

it's a difficult patent to read; however in figure 5A; this shows the image stabilization unit as being inside the camera, and the text surrounding the description of this camera in 5A is as follows;

FIG. 5A is a cross-sectional view of the camera system (optical apparatus) including the image pickup apparatus 10 including the image stabilizing apparatus 100 of Example 1 of the present invention and the lens unit 20, and FIG. 5B is a block diagram illustrating an electrical configuration of the camera system. A camera system includes an image pickup unit, an image processing unit, a record reproducing unit, and a control unit. The image pickup unit includes a photographing optical system 21, a shutter mechanism 18, and an image sensor 12, and the image processing unit includes an image processing unit 13. Additionally, the record reproducing unit includes a memory unit 14, and a display unit 15 (the display unit 15 includes a rear display apparatus 15a and an EVF 15b). The control unit includes a camera system control circuit 11, an operation detection unit 16, a shake detection unit 19, the image stabilizing apparatus 100, a lens system control circuit 22, and a lens driving unit 23. The lens driving unit 23 drives a focus lens (a lens forming a part of the photographing optical system 21), an aperture, and the like. 

While this shows that Canon is thinking about IBIS, it's not the smoking gun patent application showing Canon's true implementation of IBIS.  Unless they have an agreement with Olympus it's unlikely that they would be able to create an IBIS system using the information contained in this patent application.

US Patent Application 20190094566

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