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Canon Patent Application: Image Stabilization on Tilt-shit lenses | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Image Stabilization on Tilt-shit lenses
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Canon Patent Application: Image Stabilization on Tilt-shit lenses

This patent application deals with tilt shift lenses having image stabilization and reducing the power consumption of the IS unit during tilt operations.

The patent application summary in machine-translated english.  I'm not sure if the word "eyebrow" is correct on translation.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a lens apparatus capable of reducing the power consumption while being able to shoot under an eyebrow and correct the shake, and an image pickup apparatus using the same. 

To achieve the above object, a lens device of the present invention,   an optical system comprising a plurality of lenses,   the shake correction lens of the plurality of lenses the optical system A driving unit for moving in a direction crossing the optical axis; 

  • A tilt unit for tilting the optical system and 
  •   a control unit for controlling the drive unit are provided, and the control unit is configured to make 
  •   the tilt amount of the optical system generated by the tilt unit smaller than a predetermined tilt amount. When the first tilt amount and the shake amount applied to the optical system are the first shake amount larger than a predetermined shake amount, the shake correction lens is in a direction crossing the optical axis. The drive unit is controlled to move in a direction intersecting the optical axis with a first drive amount smaller than the maximum drive amount of the shake correction lens 

  According to the present invention, it is possible to provide an imaging apparatus using the lens apparatus and which capable of reducing power consumption as well as a possible tilt shooting and shake correction . 

No specifics on the lens are actually mentioned, the basis of this patent application is the reduced power of the stabilization.

Japan Patent Application 2019-078903

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