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Canon Patent Application: Improving Global shutter response | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Improving Global shutter response
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Canon Patent Application: Improving Global shutter response

Canon continues to plug away at improving their current lineup of global shutters.   Right now Canon only produces the C700 with a global shutter, but as they perfect the technology, there's little doubt that it will expand through the entire lineup.

Global shutters are possibly *the next big thing* to happen to stills photography, as it would allow for any shutter speed for flash photography, completely silient camera operation for mirrorless cameras, and no rolling shutter distortion while shooting video.

This isn't as breathless as some of the other recent R&D announcements from Sony and Panasonic, however it does show that Canon is continuing their own research along multiple paths.

This patent application deals with the wiring layers and optimizing them.  Wiring optimization allows for more room for the pixels, the more room the pixels have the bigger that they can be.  the bigger they are, the more light they can hold, the more light they can hold the greater the dynamic range.

You get the idea ;)

Japan Patent Application 2018-033178


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