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Canon Patent Application: Increased precision of shake correction | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Increased precision of shake correction
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Canon Patent Application: Increased precision of shake correction

Canon has illustrated a highly detailed patent application of a camera that appears to be a cross between a 77D and a 80D.  In this patent application they discuss how to increase the precision of the velocity sensors inside the camera to increase the precision of the image stabilization.

Correction: This camera body is the 760D

They are most concerned with the shake that happens with the motor / mirror movement and also lens zooming.

So they want a velocity sensors that sits right at the back of the image sensor to detect shake movement.

There are some which have an image shake correcting function which reduces the image shake which detects the deflection of a camera with shake sensors, such as an angular velocity sensor (gyro sensor), and originates in the detected camera deflection in imaging devices (henceforth a camera), such as a digital camera. A Patent document 1 has disclosed the camera which detects a vertical direction and horizontal camera deflection with two shake sensors arranged along two planes (two planes which intersect perpendicularly each other) parallel to the optic axis of a taking lens, respectively. 

Panning occurs as one of the imaging techniques with a camera. Panning is an imaging technique which acquires the image into which the object which is moving stands it still and the background is flowing by imaging, while movement of an object is followed and panning of the camera is carried out. If there is a difference in the movement speed and panning speed of an object in such panning, an image shake will arise. 

A Patent document 2 has disclosed the camera which detects the motion vector of an object from the image acquired when it is detected that panning is carried out using the output from a shake sensor. In this camera, the correction quantity for making the object image judged from the detected motion vector be placed in the center of an image is computed. And an image shake is corrected in shifting the correcting lens in a taking lens to an optic axis according to this correction quantity, and the user enables it to perform good panning easily. 

Japan Patent Application 2018-101118



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