Canon Patent Application: It's Back - Canon's Handheld Vlogging ILC
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Canon Patent Application: It's Back - Canon's Handheld Vlogging ILC

We discovered this series of patent applications almost a year ago, and it's back with another patent application.

This is interesting, as it shows that Canon is still working out how to manufacturer this device as of at least April of last year which was the application date of this patent application.

Of course with supply chain issues, and also the change of the market, it's unknown if Canon is actually going to produce this item, however, they are certainly taking it seriously enough to devote quite a few patents to it.

In this patent, Canon is concerned with ease of use with one handed operation, and so seems focused on the buttons near the grip.

the present invention is to perform various operations with one hand

You can see our other patent application discoveries about this device here, here and here.

Japan Patent Application 2021-165785

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