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Canon Patent Application: LED lights included in Pop-up Flash
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Canon Patent Application: LED lights included in Pop-up Flash

Anyone that shoots video will certainly tell you that the on camera flash is basically useless for them because it does not provide continuous light needed for video.  Videomakers always have to bring an additional LED light source that either sits on top of the hotshoe or gets rigged to the camera.

This patent application discusses the on camera flash housing and LED's into it to provide a continuous light source and most importantly how to sink heat away from the LED's.  It's advantageous to sink heat away from the LED's as efficiently as possible.  With LEDs the hotter they run the shorter the lifespan, which is why you see larger LED continuous light sources contain fans or fairly significant heat sinks (if you see one that doesn't, it probably will have a problem with heat and longevity). 

Now, this isn't going to light up your next outdoor event, but for video blogging and close up videography, it just may be enough of a light source to use in a pinch. 

From the patent application literature;

when using LED which carries out a continuous light as a light source of a lighting system, the measure against the heat which occurs from LED serves as problem. If the measure against heat is not performed sufficiently, LED deteriorates for a short time and there is a possibility that it may become impossible for light volume to be deteriorated or to switch on the light. If it is a lighting system removable to a camera like a Patent document 2, in order to radiate heat in the heat which occurs from LED, it is possible to provide a radiation substrate with a large area, but in the type which has a pop-up function, it is difficult to provide a radiation substrate with a large area near the LED. 

As with all patent applications that we find, ( and we find a lot of them ), most of them will never see the light of day in a camera product.  Some may.  However, it shows active areas that Canon is researching, or has researched in the last few years.

Japan Patent Application 2019-056787

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