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Canon Patent Application: Metabones speedbooster on an EF-M camera | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Metabones speedbooster on an EF-M camera
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Canon Patent Application: Metabones speedbooster on an EF-M camera

This patent application makes a special notation that this patent isn't about the teleconverter, however, about aspects of the light falloff from the teleconvertor and peripheral illumination compensation when using an adapter.  The referring US patent is from Caldwell Photographic, the original inventor of the Metabones speedbooster .

The embodiments show a 132mm 2.0 EF lens (full frame with a large back focus), with a converter in place turning into a 105mm, 1.66 lens (APS-C with a  small 18mm backfocus).

Is Canon looking to make their own branded speed booster or simply doing a patent for using a metabones speedbooster on a Canon camera.  To date, no Canon camera uses a metabones speedbooster and I know our queries to Metabones has returned no information about a possible EF-M speedbooster.  The EF-M mount finally has it's own speedbooster done by Viltrox, however, it would be fantastic to have metabones supply an adapter as well to the growing EF-M mount population.

I'll be curious to hear the thoughts of others in the comments below.

As with all our patent finds, some of these may never reach the end of the day in an actual product, but it shows us areas of Canon research.

Japan Patent Application 2018185393

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