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Canon Patent Application: New mount and lens adapters | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: New mount and lens adapters
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Canon Patent Application: New mount and lens adapters

In this patent application, Canon describes a camera mount and various adapters that can be used with it, that may or may not also provide electronic connection to the lenses.

I suspect this level of research is dealing with Canon CINI cameras, as it may be advantageous going forward to easily switch between Canon RF, EF, and possibly PL mount systems.  It appears as if this may be developed with the Canon RF in mind, as the adapters shown in the pictures are extremely thin, and Canon makes mention of needing a sensor protection cover that sits in front of the sensor.  This wouldn't be necessary unless the camera had a very short focal plane distance.

Canon describes;

 In the lens-interchangeable type camera, when mounting the interchangeable lens having a shape different from the lens mount of the lens mount to the camera, the interchangeable lens to the lens mount of the camera through the lens adapter It is detachably attached. Some lens adapters have an electrical communication unit to enable communication between the interchangeable lens and the camera. 
In a lens adapter having a telecommunication unit, since there are many contact portions for electrically connecting the telecommunication unit and the camera, the reliability of the electrical connection between the contact portions with the camera and the contact portion Durability is required. 

Japan Patent Application 2019-133194

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