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Canon Patent Application: New type of Macro LED Lighting
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Canon Patent Application: New type of Macro LED Lighting

If I'm reading this patent right (and you have to dig deep into this one), it seems like there are two sets of LED, with two different beam dispersions.  One series of LED's is for when the focus distance is further away, and the other set is when the focus distance is closer to the front of the lens, also if the field of view is wider than the camera / lens will choose the LED's with a wider dispersal pattern (useful for instance, if the lens is a zoom).  Depending on distance, and subject, a ratio between the two sets of LED's can be used to illuminate the object.

From the intro of the patent;

it is difficult to properly illuminate the photographing range. An   object of the present invention is to provide an optical apparatus that properly illuminates a photographing range.  [CN: Focus Distance]

In order to solve the above problems, the present invention provides an optical apparatus having a lens barrel, an imaging optical system held by the lens barrel, and a first illumination unit disposed at the tip of the lens barrel. The first illumination unit, which is disposed at the tip of the lens barrel, has a second illumination unit having different light distribution characteristics, and a determination unit that determines the light emission ratio of the first illumination unit and the second illumination unit. And a control unit that controls the first illumination unit and the second illumination unit in accordance with the determination. 

Going by the diagram of the lens, it looks like Canon was a fair ways down the design path of this lens.  Could this be an upcoming macro for the RF mount?  Canon does state that it could be for really anything (as any good patent would do);

The camera body 300 includes an image sensor 301, a distance measuring unit 302, a camera processing unit 303, and a camera communication unit 304. The camera body 300 may be a mirrorless digital camera or a single-lens reflex digital camera. It may also be a digital video camera. 

Japan Patent Application 2019-128559


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