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Canon Patent Application: Organic sensor | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Organic sensor
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Canon Patent Application: Organic sensor

In this patent application, Canon discusses improvements to both organic image sensors, and an application that stands to reason, but I just never thought of, using the same technology in solar cells.

This patent application discusses new organic compounds that increase the efficiency of the photoelectric conversion.

Organic sensors are most likely the sensors of tomorrow, offering close to the theoretical maximum of dynamic range, and greater light sensitivity than our traditional CMOS based sensors.  Also, these sensors have the ability to be global shutter without the impact of the loss of dynamic range as found by most CMOS global shutter solutions to date.

This patent states;

In the organic photoelectric conversion element disclosed in Patent Literature 1, since the molecules of the constituent materials of the photoelectric conversion layer do not have a common partial structure, the efficiency of charge separation in the charge separation process is low, and there is a room for improvement. Regarding the solar cell disclosed in Patent Literature 2, there is also a room for improvement in terms of photoelectric conversion efficiency. The present invention can provide an organic photoelectric conversion element having improved photoelectric conversion efficiency. \

US Patent Application 20180342559

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