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Canon Patent Application: Resin (aka Plastic) camera mount | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Resin (aka Plastic) camera mount
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Canon Patent Application: Resin (aka Plastic) camera mount

In this patent application Canon explores using plastic resin for the camera lens mount to reduce cost and weight of the camera.  Cameras such as the A58 for instance from Sony already sport a plastic lens mount.

Conventionally, although the camera mount of the camera with interchangeable lenses comprised a metallic material in consideration of durability, reliability and accuracy, etc., the camera mount which comprises a metallic material had the problem that things and component cost with heavy weight became high. 

The camera body which has the camera mount which comprised resin materials, such as a plastic, by improvement in the durability of engineering plastics or reliability and progress of forming technique is produced commercially these days. A weight saving and component cost reduction are attained because camera mount becomes a resin material. For example, the camera mount which comprised resin is disclosed in the Patent document 1. 

I could see this in the lower end rebels without a doubt.

Japan Patent Application 2019023688

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