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Canon Patent Application Roundup for March 15th
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Canon Patent Application Roundup for March 15th

We decided to round up all the patents we find interesting in one article on a weekly basis.  This roundup is published on usually Thursday after we get a new list of the week's patent applications from the Japan Patent office.

This is simply a selection about what we find interesting out of the the usual hundreds of patent applications that Canon has published on a weekly basis.

Yes, that many.

We're going to try this new format for a while, instead of posting an article per patent.  This may make easier reading for our viewers.  We'd like to hear your feedback.

Japan Patent Application 2018-41836 

By improving the chemical processes used during sensor manufacturing, Canon can improve the sensor characteristics.

The inventor found out that the characteristics of a solid state imaging device, such as occurring dark current, sensitivity, etc., changed with the concentration of the chlorine incorporated into silicon nitride in the case of film formation

Japan Patent Application 2018-42154 

Okay this looks novel.

Canon is looking at augmenting your standard viewfinder experience with wearable display devices.

the object of this invention is providing the imaging device system using a head wearing type display device which made it possible to control the display to the head wearing type display device in which it corresponded to the difference in the camera attitude which a photographer holds. 

Japan Patent Application 2018-042157

This patent details with the "what-if" something happens on a dual pixel sensor if there is a defective row and how to handle AF if this row falls within the AF region.  Frankly I was suprised a sensor could "ship" and "run" with a defective row... 

Japan Patent Application 2018-040996

This one is two weird not to have in here.

This explains a system where a lens will have two optical paths for a telephoto lens, one with a wider angle than the other, so that at a flip of a switch  you can select the wider view for finding your object, and then flipping it back to high telephoto for your detailed image.  Something similar to the teleconverter in the 200-400 but more advanced.

In this imaging device, it makes it possible to switch an optical system selectively by a photographer moving the position of a reflection member. The usage of choosing an optical system with a wide field angle specifically when an object is missed, and switching to the optical system of a looking-far system at the time of photographing is possible. 

Hey, I don't dream up these things, only report them ;)

Japan Patent Application 2018-40998

This patent looks to attach an action camera or some other camera device to your Canon camera and done in a way to prevent vignetting and as much parallax as possible.  Interesting.

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