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Canon Patent Application: Sensor stabilization | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Sensor stabilization
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Canon Patent Application: Sensor stabilization

HiLow Notes has uncovered a Canon patent application for in-body stabilization of the sensor.

This is the first of such patents that Canon has applied for that we have seen, and stands to reason, considering the critism that Canon did not put IBIS (in body image stabilization) into the EOS R that they would have started to work on such technology.

However, it's not as if Canon just started to work on this right now.  The application was actually submitted on March 28, 2017.  Yes, it takes that long.

From the patent application;

To make it possible to prevent roller shake and to prevent shift shake by a simplified structure.
An imaging device includes an imaging element, a frame body that supports the imaging element, and a driving member that moves the frame body in a direction parallel to an imaging plane of the imaging element, wherein the driving member , And that the vibrating part of at least one driving member overlaps with the center of the image pickup surface of the image pickup element when viewed from a direction orthogonal to the image pickup surface of the image pickup element


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