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Canon Patent Application: Small modular CINI unit described - Update
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Canon Patent Application: Small modular CINI unit described - Update

In this patent application, Canon is attempting to make the forced air cooling to be smaller, and more optimized, to thus create a smaller camera unit.

What I find interesting is the described camera unit, because it's certainly unlike anything Canon has done to date.  The C500 Mark II and C700 are somewhat modular but the base unit is still a pretty heafty sized unit.  In this unit, Canon illustrates a much smaller unit and compact unit.

Of course, the illustrative images could be simply for discussion of the patent application, and Canon has no desire to make such a unit, however, the CINI unit is quite well described and detailed.

Canon also shows the unit with some attachments such as a handle (602) and a video light (603) as shown in the images below.

Also, even though there a detailed image of the mount to clarify, if we assume the parts are to scale, this also appears to be for the RF mount.  This image showing a cross sectional between the lens (102) and the image sensor (101) shows the lens far too close to the image sensor for it to be an EF mount.


Some sharp eyed (and sharper than mine!) mentioned that this appears to be more for a fixed mount system than an interchangeable lens mount system.

There's a good likelihood that this is more of an upscale version of the XC-15 than it is for the RF mount.

As you can also see from this cross-sectional the entire camera is fairly compact.

Now of course, these images could be simply for illustrative purposes, showing an idea that Canon has no intention of developing, however the images are quite detailed, and also the descriptions around the images are quite extensive, leading one to believe that there may be a possibility that this comes to an RF mount near you.

Japan Patent Application 2019-161567


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