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Canon Patent Application: Small RF kit lenses
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Canon Patent Application: Small RF kit lenses

This patent application filed by Canon seems to be suggesting a very small 24-70 (or something close to that) kit lens that looks to have a pretty simplistic design.  By looking at the element spacing, it also appears as if this could be made collasping as well.

Canon states;

In recent years, so-called mirrorless cameras, which do not have a quick return mirror, are increasing in cameras. Since this mirrorless camera has a thin body, is compact and lightweight, it is required to develop a compact and lightweight interchangeable lens that matches the mirrorless camera.

Since this mirrorless camera does not require the space of the quick return mirror, it is not necessary to secure the back focus as much as the conventional interchangeable lens. Therefore, the configuration of the lens is also different from that of the conventional interchangeable lens, and the degree of freedom in design is increased, so that it is possible to design a compact and lightweight lens.

In particular, a wide-angle lens tends to have a short back focus, so that it can be miniaturized as an interchangeable lens for a mirrorless camera.

There are a variety of designs, a few notable ones are listed below.

Canon RF 24-70 F4-6.3

telefocal length      24.52  43.05   69.13  
F number               4.10   5.10    6.44  
Half angle (°)        38.46  26.68   17.38  
Total length of lens 109.15 104.79  112.88  
BF                    14.65  14.65   14.65 

Canon RF 20-70 F4-6.3

focal length          21.66  41.66   69.12  
F number               4.10   5.10    6.44  
Half angle  (°)       41.95  27.45   17.38  
Lens total length    115.09 108.18  118.44  
BF                    14.79  14.79   14.79  

Japan Patent Application 2020-190661


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