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Canon Patent Application: Some Curious RF Consumer Super-Zooms
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Canon Patent Application: Some Curious RF Consumer Super-Zooms

We have discovered a curious patent application, while I think that this really is about the 100-500mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM, I do think that some of these other designs may have merit. While the speeds are slow, consider that to get anywhere close to some of these extended focal ranges requires extenders for mere mortals, and if so, the aperture range isn't that bad then.

Canon RF 80-400mm F4-6.3

Focal length       82.24 199.92 395.00   
F number            4.10   5.13   6.40   
Half angle of view 14.74   6.18   3.14   
Image height       21.64  21.64  21.64   
Total lens length 204.12 265.26 294.22   
BF                 21.72  43.37  68.86   

Canon RF 120-600mm F4.5-7.3

Focal length      120.00 300.00 590.00
F number            4.60   5.67   7.20
Half angle of view 10.22   4.12   2.10
Image height       21.64  21.64  21.64
Lens length       240.18 308.74 335.29
BF                 15.00  36.91  73.64

Canon RF 200-800mm F6-8.5

Focal length      199.97 399.99 784.76   
F-number            6.00   6.80   8.50   
Half angle          6.17   3.10   1.58   
Image height       21.64  21.64  21.64   
total lens length 285.44 355.65 385.65   
BF                 22.57  43.72  83.86   

Japan Patent Application 2020-118816

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