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Canon Patent Application: The first sniff of a new mount for Canon? | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: The first sniff of a new mount for Canon?
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Canon Patent Application: The first sniff of a new mount for Canon?

Canon has applied for a patent dealing with serial communication of a ILC mount.  This mount bears similarity to the EF mount and also the EF-M mount, but is neither mount.

The wording may be awkward but it is seemingly suggesting that this mount could handle multiple lenses of both a new mount and old mount format.  Conjecturing by looking at the mount, looking at the size of the sensor against the mount itself, it's appearing as if canon is looking at mounting EF-M and EF Full frame mirrorless using possibly a hybrid mount? 

Conventionally, the serial communication (synchronous serial communication) of a clock synchronization system has been adopted as a communication method of a camera and an interchangeable lens. The following technical contents are disclosed in the Patent document 1. First, synchronous serial communication is performed with the first communication speed with which an interchangeable lens old type can also communicate. When the interchangeable lens with which it is equipped is distinguished from a new lens by the communication content, it changes to the synchronous serial communication in a more nearly high-speed second communication speed. 

Could this be a hint of a new mount for the upcoming Canon full frame mirrorless? Perhaps.  What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

Japan Patent Application 2018-084713


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