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Canon Patent Application: Various EVF optical designs | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Various EVF optical designs
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Canon Patent Application: Various EVF optical designs

As Canon moves to more and more EVF's in it's various equipment from the small powershots, the EOS-M compact APS-C cameras and the mightier full frame lineup of the RF mount, EVF's play a bigger and more important role as time goes on.

So it should be no great surprise that Canon is looking for various means to create the optics that sit between the LCD/OLED panel of the EVF and your eye.  A combination of size and cost is important here, especially for the ultra small popup EVF's that are present in the G5X Mark II for example.

This patent application is specifically looking at making smaller EVF's better. Something of the sort may have been featured in the G5X Mark II.

According to the present invention, the image display surface can be observed at a high magnification, as a result of good correction and high optical performance aberrations, and easy to manufacture the entire system compact An eyepiece optical system can be obtained.

Japan Patent Application 2019-152733

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