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Canon Patent Application: Zoom lens for 1" sensor sizes | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Zoom lens for 1" sensor sizes
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Canon Patent Application: Zoom lens for 1" sensor sizes

This patent application is for a zoom lens from 24mm to 95mm equivalent focal length for a 1" sensor size.

It's good to note that this has slightly less range than the lens that is already in the G7X Mark II, already. However, this is a faster lens, starting at 1.6-2.6 versus the 1.8-2.8 of the existing lens.

The elements that Canon is looking to improve with this patent application is downsizing the entire lens and a thinning of the lens when it is retracted, while maintaining a high level of optical performance.

Focal length           9.06 16.51 30.07
F-number               1.65  2.30  2.47
Half angle of view    36.48 25.54 14.70 (degrees)
Image height           6.70  7.89  7.89
Total lens length     63.80 66.03 79.50
BF                     5.57  4.57  6.07

US Patent Application 20180372993

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