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Canon Patent Applications: Some competing RF 24-240mm designs
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Canon Patent Applications: Some competing RF 24-240mm designs

These two patent applications appear to be the RF 24-240mm or something very similar.  As you can see, the image height for the wide angle is less than the optimum 21.64mm which means in-camera stretching is performed.  There is also a perhaps nicer zoom, a 24-300mm - every mm helps on the long end.  Surprisingly, one of the 270mm examples is the smallest.  The embodiments also range in telephoto aperture as well, some at F6.3 and others at F7.0.

Some people may accuse me of clickbait for this one, but to be honest, I haven't seen that many 24-240mm patent applications.  I think this one is a bit curious because there were competing designs to what Canon ultimately ended up using.

Three of the embodiments are illustrated below;

focal length        24.72  88.33  270.00
F-number             4.12   5.40    6.49
Half angle of view  38.69  13.76    4.58
Image height        19.80  21.64   21.64
Total lens length  144.13 194.09  243.52
BF                  13.50  51.00   73.50
focal length        24.72  85.00  232.80
F-number             4.12   5.66    6.41
Half angle of view  37.55  14.28    5.31
Image height        19.00  21.64   21.64
Lens total length  142.00 183.82  214.00
BF                  15.78  45.06   57.20

focal length        24.30  85.03  294.97
F-number             4.12   5.40    6.49
half-field angle    37.76  14.28    4.19
Image height        18.82  21.64   21.64
total lens length  148.20 195.38  239.44
BF                  12.23  47.13   64.46

Japan Patent Applications 2020-086304 and 2020-086305

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