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Canon patents a 17-35 IS 4-5.6 | Canon News
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Canon patents a 17-35 IS 4-5.6
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Canon patents a 17-35 IS 4-5.6

After the release of the 24-105 3.5-5.6 STM lens, Canon's been relatively quiet on producing other STM lenses for a "cheaper" series of lenses for full frame such as what exists for crop sensor users.

This patent appears to be in line with a 17-35 4.0-5.6 IS which certainly would fit the mold of a cheaper UWA for full frame users.

                          Wide angle Middle  Looking far 
Focal distance                 17.50  25.12  34.09 
F number                       4.00    4.85   5.88 
a half field angle (degree) -- 51.03  40.73  32.40 
Image height                   21.64  21.64  21.64 
Whole length of the lens      130.88 128.52 134.05 
BF                             37.60  49.75  64.06 

Japan patent application 2017-161568


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